Here's what a few people have said about Tim Rose and Disability Positive Consulting...


"Tim Rose is one of the most compassionate, driven, and inspirational people I've ever met. I am forever grateful for his honest and open nature and his patience for schooling those around him who need a little reality check about sex, disability, and living life. I hope to work with Mr. Rose as often as possible and would recommend that every pay attention to what he's doing."

Tynan Rhea - Founder, Rhea Moon Health


I was introduced to Tim Rose initially via his website, the Rose Centre, in conjunction with some work I have been doing with respect to sexuality, relationships and disability. Imagine my delight when Jay Arrington, ACL of Special Education at Monarch Park Collegiate, informed me that Tim would be consulting to the Physical ISP class at the school.
Tim has been invaluable to our students. He is enabling, forthcoming, diligent, enlightening but most importantly,honest with our students, meeting with them both as a group and individually. He lends his vast knowledge  from the perspective of  a man striving to manage the hurdles associated with disability in all spheres of life. He is resourceful and empathetic but imbues assertiveness and initiative into his counsel.
It has been a pleasure to work alongside him and learn from him. I hope that in the near future he can share his gems with a larger audience.

Mona Sidler-Hosios - Occupational Therapist, Toronto District School Board


"Tim and I shared a conference panel presentation. He captivated the audience with his wit and his thought-provoking critical reflections. He was a respectful co-panelist, and, without prior preparation, was able to co-present so that we could together provide the audience with a cohesive, informative and complementary panel discussion.

Because of this positive experience, and because of the intelligent and engaging work that Tim is doing, I was eager to invite him to speak in a Diversity and Health graduate class at the University of Waterloo. The class group was highly inspired by his presentation. The level of new learning was significant. When the entire program of study was evaluated at the end of the year by this student group, Tim's presentation was frequently noted as being a high point of the learning that occurred in the program."

Trish van Katwyk - Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo School of Social Work


"Tim Rose has been consulting and mentoring at Monarch all year and his service has been invaluable.  He provides sensitive, progressive and productive consultation for staff and careful, motivating counseling and mentoring for our students.

Tim provides these supports consistently, once each week, meeting with and counseling our students individually and running a Disability Positivity meeting entitled "the A Team" - the A being for Awareness, Access and Ability.

Tim has also proven essential in coaching and advising staff around issues of independence, scribing and long term supports for all our students currently integrating for credit.

Tim has met with Guidance Staff, teachers and students with impressive results.

Tim's participation in our Special Needs Department and in our school has been invaluable in expanding our understanding and adding greater depth to our skills as Special Needs Educators!"

Jay Arrington - ACL, Special Education Department, Monarch Park Collegiate


Tim Rose has been an exceptional presenter in a diverse range of activities associated with the University of Toronto Sexual Education Centre (SEC). The first time I heard him present was during my own volunteer training session, where he provided an in-depth understanding of normative sex education and the ways in which diverse bodies and abilities can and SHOULD be included. In this presentation, Tim provided our volunteers with tools to be more inclusive in our sexual education services, and was patient and informative while 70 people excitedly asked questions. Tim's delivery made me feel safe, encouraged, and prepared to deliver sex education that acknowledged many different bodies.

I have since had the pleasure of collaborating with him on a number of events, projects and panels, of which he was my first choice presenter for each one. These included a panel for Jer's Vision LGBTQ Youth Summit Conference during World Pride 2014,  “Beyond 101: A discussion about consent, sobriety, and sex-positive spaces” panel hosted by SEC and the Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention, an accesible sex-toy event for SEC's annual Sexual Awareness Week, and at various SEC events where he has acted as a mentor, sexpert, and ally of SEC.

On a personal, professional, and student level, I have been impressed beyond words by what Tim can accomplish through speaking. He has moved me to tears, had me in gut-wrenching laughter, and demonstrated time and time again his capabilities to motivate others to learn with a spirit of generosity.


I would absolutely recommend Tim as a speaker and collaborator in any classroom, event, or professional setting, and would attend myself if given the chance!

Norah Wardell, Executive Director, U of T Sexual Education Centre