Professional Consultation

Our professional consultation services can help you to incorporate a Disability Positive perspective into your business, health service, school or organization. Consultation can occur on a single occasion, or as an ongoing partnership. Allow Tim to show you how incorporating a Disability Positive perspective can:

  • Shape the way your organization views disabled employees or clients
  • Challenge students to adopt a body positive, diversity positive, and self-confident approach to their own disabilities
  • Help health care providers to look beyond deficits and approach clients with a new appreciation of what it is to live with a disability
  • Change the way all members of your organization view disability in specific and general ways
  • Incorporate a disability positive approach to existing sex education programs
  • So much more...



Professional consultation services start at $35 an hour and are subject to negotiation. Flat rates can be discussed


To Book a Professional Consultation:

Please contact us to discuss what you are looking for in a professional consultation!