frequently asked questions

Want to know exactly what we do? Interested in how our approach can benefit you? Before contacting us, why not look through this handy list of FAQs to see if what you're wanting to know is here...


Q: What exactly is a disability approach?

A: A disability positive approach is a way of doing business that celebrates different perspectives. The approach focuses on bringing the lessons learned from living with a disability to business, and capitalizing on those lessons for success.

Q: Are your rates negotiable?

A: Absolutely. The rates for all of our services are negotiable to fit your budget. Got a number in mind? Let's start a dialogue!

Q: How long are your presentations?

A: Standard length for the presentations is one to two hours, but longer or shorter versions in each subject area are available upon request.

Q: What age of audience is your material aimed at?

A: We believe that everyone, young and old, can benefit from a disability positive approach in their life and business. As such, we do not put any age limitations on what we do and can cater our services to be targeted at any demographic.

Q: Are your services available outside of Toronto?

A: Yes! Although disability can often make travel more 'interesting' that will not stop our message from getting out there. If you live outside of Toronto and want to hire us, get in touch and we'll do whatever we can to get there!

Q: Why should we hire you?

A: Ah yes, the ultimate inquiry. The fact is that Disability Positive Consulting offers something unique; both in our approach in content. Our services and materials are designed to capture our four "P" approach: Personal, Professional, Practical and Playful. We're eager and have the expertise to back it up!