The Knight in Protective Wheelchair Padding

Imagination, it is often said, is a wonderful thing.

It can make you big or small or even give you wings.

Henny knew imagination made him feel right.

Henny’s imagination turned him into a knight.


As a knight he fought dragons who breathed vicious fire,

As a knight he climbed towers that stretched higher and higher.

He was a different kind of knight, truly one-of-a-kind.

But he was brave and true…so he did not mind.


He rode across the land upon his trusted steed,

Charging from quest to quest and from deed to deed.

Yet his horse was not one that you would find in a stable.

His horse was one that came with a power cable.


Because in his mind Henny was a knight of a different sort;

Neither particularly tall nor exceptionally short.

His horse was metal, and drove with a flair.

Henny was a knight in a wheelchair.


Then on one day’s quest Henny came to a town,

Besieged by a nasty troll who had everyone down.

And he met there a maiden, let’s call her Penn,

And she sweetly asked him to bring their nightmare to an end.


“Oh good sir Henny,” she cried with a fright.

“This nasty troll is ugly, and he isn’t very polite!”

“Please do what you can to save my beloved town,

For my fair face is tired of wearing a permanent frown.”


And so brave Sir Henny drove his chair at top speed,

His mind and heart focused on the challenging deed.

The troll stood dumbfounded, his mouth hanging wide,

Upon seeing this town champion, brimming with pride.


And the troll backed down, as trolls often do,

When confronted with a knight who was so brave and true.

He laid his club on the ground and retreated to his cave,

Where he had a serious think about the right way to behave.


And Henny returned to the town, glory ringing in his voice,

While all around him the towns folk rejoiced.

And late into the night, the entire town was chatting

About that brave knight in protective wheelchair padding.


Henny’s imagination took him on so many quests,

And gave him so many ways to better his bests.

And yet with all his adventures, there was one unchangeable fact.

His life was a good one, and that was just that.


And for all of you out there, whose imagination has no stop,

Who may think that it’s not right to dream beyond the top;

Always remember Henny, the wheelchair-riding knight.

And how sometimes, just sometimes, imagination can be right.