A Career Moment

Anyone who knows me knows that I have struggled with my career over the last few years. Since graduating with a Masters Degree, I've never truly found my groove in the career world, holding only a smattering of part-time work. But things are about to turn around. And so I am using this Facebook note to make an announcement. I'm going to start a business, and I'm going to make a success of it.

For years I have known exactly where my passion is. I have known what I'm good at. What I haven't known is how to make that a career that will pay me and support my amazing wife and future family. As a result, I have never fully committed to doing what I love. I have been too scared because I was so desperate to find that career stability that we have all been told to strive for. But it is time to make that commitment. It is time to say the world "I am doing this, all guns blazing, and I will be successful at it." I will be starting my own business as a Disability and Sex Positive Consultant. 

Exactly what I'll be doing in this business has yet to be set in stone. But it will include speaking engagements on disability and sex positive topics, a blog, consultation to businesses and fellow sex educators on disability, and a peer support/mentoring service. Exact details of all of this will be hammered out in the days and weeks to come, but bottom line is I see a gap in the sex and disability positive landscape for a business and I am the one to fill it.

I won't lie...I am terrified. But for the first time in four years, I am making a conscious decision to not let the fact that I am scared about doing this stop me from doing it. I know I can make this work and I will work my ass off to make it happen. As cheesy as it sounds (and yes, I know the answer is extremely cheesy) I believe in myself for the first time in years.

I know it won't be easy. I know there will be frustration and tears, there will be times when I'll be sorely tempted to get into some more traditional avenues of employment. But I also know there will be opportunities, and great connections, and fun! And so I am thrilled, as I sit here and write this, to move forward on this new and excited venture. I have grown up with two brothers who have worked incredibly hard to make careers out of things they love, and it is time that I follow suit.

And so, my friends, I look forward to sharing what lies ahead. And if you have any advice, or connections, or ideas please share them with me. Thank you so much for your support!


Yours in positivity!