The Entrepreneurs Journey

This past week marked the end of my fellowship in the School for Social Entrepreneurs. It was an incredible experience with some amazing people. In celebration of its conclusion I post the following reflection that I wrote for the class...

Time, it is said, can fly on wings unseen

Trailing with her all our doings and what indeed hath been

But time can also freeze life, capturing it in its cage

Preserving memories for beyond an age.


As our journey reaches its fair end

We all await what comes beyond the next bend

Permit me to retell my tale, from the first line to the last

In recognition of the memories that dwell now in our past


I arrived on the first day, the second for most

Unsure of my footing, careful not to boast

A great black beast stood proud at my side

Though his chief desire was a place in which to hide


My venture I knew…did I? I must!

Yes, that at least was my confident thrust

But in that room I found far greater gifts

The journey to come being my ultimate lift


For I soon came to know one unavoidable fact

Something that could never be glazed over with a joke or an act

It was something that it takes the keenest eye to see

I may have known my venture but I did not know me


Those first weeks we all drank eagerly from the well,

Soaking in all knowledge that the tellers could tell

Innovation was our strength, ideas blazing like flame

No-one shy to help others in their game


The weeks drew on, my wits became sharper

More sure than ever that I hated Steven Harper

For our group is a true sign of Canada’s diverse strength

Able to carry any weight, to run any length


We crafted pitches and practiced them a ton

We were taught to spin narratives until they be spun

We presented them all to the beats of our own drum

Look out Dragon’s Den, for here we all come


We sketched plans, played bingo and got busy at Signs

We shared in each other’s glories and united our minds

And through it all, our bond grew fast and strong

Friendships were forged, built to last long


We spent a weekend together sitting in a ring

Trying to get a handle on this Playground thing

Many shared glances, others uploaded freely

We tried to learn what a leader was really


Mentors, teachers and speakers alike

A Sacred Rider, the ultimate Mike

Their words guided us, their wisdom deep

Getting us all to commit to the greatest of leaps


And in myself I saw a profound shift

Confidence risen, no longer adrift

A business mind with a passion to match

Ready to eat limitless cookies by the batch


And so, dear fellows, heed my final lines

Because I cherish everyone of our united minds

That success is within reach for me and for all

And it is because of you that I can make that call


Time may have flown but memories will stay

Connecting us all to share again on another day

But wherever your road goes and wherever your journey ends

I am thankful, my fellows, that I now call you all friends